JAVMA News: Animals Can be Considered Crime Victims in OR


Animals can be considered crime victims in Oregon

​By Greg Cima Posted Oct. 1, 2014
Animals can be considered crime victims under Oregon law, according to the state Supreme Court.
The court justices ruled that police can enter private property to aid an animal during an emergency, even in the absence of a warrant.
In the former ruling, six presiding justices confirmed an appellate court’s decision that a circuit court judge had erred in finding that only humans can be considered victims. The ruling was unanimous, although a seventh Oregon Supreme Court justice, David V. Brewer, did not consider the case.
In March 2010, a jury convicted Arnold W. Nix on 20 counts of second-degree animal neglect. Police had found dozens of emaciated horses, goats, and other animals on his farm a year earlier.
The trial court judge merged the counts into a conviction on a single charge and issued a suspended 90-day jail sentence and three years of probation. Prosecutors appealed.
The Oregon Supreme Court ruling in that case notes that, according to Oregon law, multiple crimes committed in a single episode will merge, with a conviction. But some crimes that harm multiple victims are exempt under an “anti-merger” statute.
Nix’s defense argued that animals are treated as property under Oregon law, which does not allow property to be seen as a crime victim. Instead, the public or the owner would be the victim.
The state argued that the term “victim” drew meaning from the law violated, and the legislature passed the law out of concern that animals could be victims of abuse and neglect.
The ruling, delivered by Justice Jack L. Landau, states that the term “victim” has historically applied to animals, and nothing precludes them from being considered such under state law. Definitions of animal neglect and abuse under state law indicate the legislature focused on treatment of animals rather than harm to the public or animal owners.
In a separate, also unanimous ruling delivered the same day, the justices confirmed an appellate court ruling that a police officer was justified in entering private property to seize an emaciated horse and take that horse to a veterinarian, even though the officer did not have a warrant.
Neighbors of Teresa A. Dicke called police in August 2010 about a horse that appeared to be starving. Dicke and Linda D. Fessenden shared ownership of the horse.
An animal control unit officer with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office saw from a driveway shared among the neighbors, including Dicke, that the horse appeared to be emaciated, according to court documents. It also swayed and appeared to strain while urinating, the latter recognized by the officer as a possible sign of kidney failure.
“The officer believed that, if the horse were to fall, she was at risk of serious imminent injury or death; he also believed that it would take at least four, and possibly as long as eight, hours to obtain a warrant to seize the horse and take her to a veterinarian,” the ruling states. “The officer’s beliefs were objectively reasonable in light of the officer’s training and expertise as an animal welfare officer.”
A veterinarian at an animal hospital determined the horse needed immediate care, and it gained about 100 pounds over the next month of rehabilitation, according to the appellate court ruling.
Dicke was convicted of first-degree animal neglect and first-degree animal abuse, and Fessenden of second-degree animal neglect.

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Exciting new links to help you and yours be healthier
Recomended reading in our continuing oil campain
 this is my site loaded with info on using oils

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Warning: Heartworm prevention by RX only

Your pets are not protected from Heart worm!

Attention: Heart worm prevention is by PRESCRIPTION ONLY if you are getting something from a store your pets are not being protected!
When dogs are first bitten by mosquitoes infected with heart worm,
they show no symptoms.

That stage lasts six months! By the time your dog is showing symptoms, things have been going on a long time.

What are the symptoms?

  • Class 1: Your dog may not even have any symptoms at this stage. He might have mild symptoms like an occasional cough.
  • Class 2: Things are getting a little worse. His symptoms are still usually mild, like an occasional cough, and he might be more tired than you would expect after very light exercise, like just running around the yard chasing a ball.
  • Class 3: At this point your dog will start losing weight, be tired most of the time, and he will cough more often. He will probably faint occasionally and show signs of congestive heart failure like ascites (fluid on the abdomen).
  • Class 4: The heart worms are causing a blockage at this stage so the symptoms are severe—constant coughing, exhaustion, and weight loss since he will find it uncomfortable to eat. When your dog is at this stage, known as the caval syndrome, it might be too late to save him. You have no excuse to let a dog reach Class 4.


What you need to do if your dog has symptoms…


The first thing you need to do is take your dog in to your veterinarian and have his blood tested. If the antigen test is positive that indicates he has been infected with heart worms. He probably has at least fifteen, but maybe as many as several hundred adult worms in the heart.

If your dog is tested positive, there are alternatives. The first alternative, and the one suggested by most veterinarians, will be to give your dog injections of immiticide, an arsenic injection that goes into the muscles of the dogs back and causes the adult heart worms to die off. It is the quickest way to get rid of the problem but is also expensive and can be dangerous. If you take your dog home and she runs around she can cause the dead worms to be broken off in a mass. The mass can cause a blockage in her lungs, and she can die.

The other alternative is to put your dog on a safe heart worm therapy. Given every month for several years. Heart worm prevention is by PRESCRIPTION ONLY if you are getting something from a store your pets are not being protected! This does not cause the adults to die—they go on infecting your dog´s heart. It does keep them from reproducing, however, and when all the adults die your dog will be heart worm free.This treatment is not recommended by most veterinarians since the adult worms are not killed. They will go on infecting your dog, and if she already has clinical heart disease most vets want those worms out of there as soon as possible.

The last alternative is to use safe herbal heartworm therapy. If you are worried about giving your dog chemicals (like overreactingn) it is an alternative. Like safe heartworm therapy, this will not kill the adults.

Information extracted from


Waiting until you or your pet are ill to see a holistic doctor is not the best care.  Start while you are healthy and stay that way.                       
 Talk to me about what foods and supplements are the best to feed your precious fur person.
  Offer your suggestions.

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Natural Flea Control

Scratch and itch and bite, Oh My!  Fleas, don’t you just hate the little buggers?  They also carry tapeworm and blood parasites that can cause disease in pets.

You already know the standard treatments for getting rid of them,  pesticide treatment for the pet, yard and home, but at what cost to the pet and other family members?

The first place to look for natural pest control is in the pets diet, and also exercise.  Diet supports or harms the pet’s immune system.   Fleas would much rather feed on the weak and debilitated.  A good diet will help keep fleas at bay, and lessen allergic reactions.  Good foods will contain healthy ingredients, with as few unpronounceable chemicals and colorings as possible.
A diet of mostly  home cooking is what we recommend.

Spending time with your pet, either exercising together and grooming, not only makes a better bond and enjoyable time, but also helps to ward parasites off as well! It has pleasant side effects for us too, by lowering blood pressure and making us both feel wonderful.

Fleas hate water, so regular baths will provide a drowning pool for them and reduce harmful irritants that land on your pets coat from polluted air.

Some natural ways to ward off fleas are to use Brewer’s or nutritional  yeast, which most pets like the taste of, in the food.  I have even sprinkled it on top of itchy cats’ backs so they lick it off when grooming.  Pet Guard makes an easy to eat tablet of yeast and garlic.

Diatemaceous Earth as it is commonly called, can be sprinkled in the yard, home .  There is a company “flea busters” that guarantees their product for a year.  It is a borate crystal that also damages all stages of the flea life cycle.
You can also fill a shallow dish with water to which has been added a drop of dish detergent. Hang a light over it and you have a trap that catches adult fleas and drowns them.
Frequent vacuuming and dumping the contents also helps control them in the home.
Halo is a company that makes various pet items. They have a product called “Cloud Nine Herbal Spray”.  It contains non harmful herbs.  The problem I find is that herbal sprays have to be applied frequently during the day and many pets do not like to be wet.  I often take the drops out of the bottle and place them on the back much in the way Frontline would be used.  Call me for how much to use.  Then it lasts a day or two and the pet smells nice.
This has been a short list of things you can do to decrease use of pesticides on your pets and in your home.  Fleas are dangerous and should be controlled not only for potential blood loss anemia but for the diseases they carry.
Iris Ramirez, DVM has a house call practice serving Lee County
For 13 years.  454-(PETS)7387
Website http://www.affectionatelypetshousecalls.com.

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Essientail Oils Everyday Practical applications

For a healthier alternative here are some of the oils we found that have everyday practical applications and you can use some of following simple substitutes in your home.

Peppermint  for: Headaches, Stomachaches, Motion/Morning Sickness, Heartburn, Energy, Alertness, Fevers/Hot Flashes, Poison Ivy, Improves Concentration, Digestive Issues

  • Use  to replace: Pepto-bismol, Imodium AD, Tums, Mylanta, Prilosec, Tylenol, Motrin, Beano, Gas-X, Midol.

Thieves for: Colds, Flu, Sore/Strep Throat, Toothache/Teething, Cold Canker Soar, Ear Infection, Sanitizing Surfaces, Insect Bites, Airborne Bacteria, Kills Black Mold, Warts

  • Use to replace: Dayquil, Nyquil, Chloraseptic, Robitussin, Abreva, Orajel, Lotrimin, Vicks, Nicorette

Lemon for: Colds/ Flu, Flavor Water, Swollen Glands, Drain Lymphatics, Improves Memory, Circulation, Digestion, Obesity, Varicose Veins, Hypertention

  • Use  to replace: Children’s Tylenol, children’s motrin, Imodium AD, Mucinex, Alli, Azo Cranberry

Lavender for: Cuts and Brusies, Cold Sores, Insomnia, Relaxation, Acne, Rashes, Eczema, Psoriasis, High Blood Pressure, Hair Growth, Dandruff, Stretch Marks, Sunburn

  • Use to replace: Neosporin, Bacitracin, Aleve, Motrin, Advil sinus, Tylenol PM, Unisom, Zyertic, Claritin D, Benadryl, Calamine Lotion

Frankincense for : Depression, Trauma, Stress, Sadness, Wrinkles, Age Spots, Acne, Blisters, Improves Memory & Vision, High Blood Pressure, Powerful Immune Builder, UTI, Anti-Tumoral

  • Use to replace: Neosporin, Bacitracin, Mederma, Scar Away, Scar Zone, Blister Sheild, Azo Cranberry, Neutrogena, Oil of Olay

Purification for: Air Purifier, Bee Stings, Pink Eye, Ear Infections, Insect Bites & Repellent, Mildew, Odor Neutralizer, Clean Cuts & Wounds

  • Use to replace: Calamine lotion, OFF, Bactine, Proactive, Clearasil, Benadryl Topical, Cortaid, Cortizone, Cortizone-10, Vagisil

PanAway for: Muscle Pain, Sports Injuries & Sprains, Arthritis, Inflammation, Improves Circulation, Bruising, 

  • Use to replace: Bengay, Mineral Ice, Icy-hot, Biofreeze, Aleve, Thermocare, Aspercreme, Motin, Advil, Midol


Valor for: Back & Joint Pain, Emotional Strength,Aftershave, Arthritis, Instill Courage, Build Confidence, Self Estem, Balance Body, Scoliosis

  • Use to replace: Advil, Ibuprofen, Motrin, Tylenol Arthritis, Bengay, Sleep Apnea Eze, Breath Right Strips

Peace & Calming for: Stress, Fear & Anxiety, Calm Children & Pets, Snoring, Colic, Uplifting Sprits, Depression

  • Use to replace: Unisom, Tylenol PM, Benadryl, Stress & Anxiety, Zanaprin

Orange for: Hypertension, Antitumoral, Relaxant, Anticoagulant, Circulation, Insomnia, Fluid Retention, Wrinkles

Stay tuned for cocktail receipts: everything from weight loss and pain relief to antibiotic and blood pressure, we start at the beginning with antibiotics.

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Essential Oils and their Uses

Here is a simple list and explanation of uses of essential oils we recommend from  young living for pets which can be ordered through us: always consult with your vet or doctor before use for proper application: next week we will compare in detail how each can be used and exactly what OTC drugs they can replace.

DI-Gize: Gastrointestinal systems respond well to this blend.

Frankincense: widely used oil for many ailments a favorite for smaller pets and birds.

Lavender: mostly for injuries, gentle and anti-infectious, helps with healing, pain, parasites and has a calming effect

Lemon: increases cognition and awareness & excellent for skin conditions; can also be topical, diffused or ingested

Melrose: provides respiratory support a gentle alternative to thieves oil

Panaway: Best for internal injuries, arthritis, vita-flex or warm compress & UTI, ok for cats when diluted

Peace & Calming: Ideal for stress, fear, anxiety helps in calming the pet for administering other treatments

Peppermint: Excellent for cooling animals quickly, a drop in water helps cool internally Must dilute for cats 1:4 veg oil

Purification: external parasites, fleas, ticks and mosquitoes

RC: Respiratory & UTI support, good for cats when conventional therapies fail

Thieves: Minor wounds, abrasions, and cuts. Safe for Kittens & Puppies J

Valor: Fear, training and behavior treatment, pet rescue or trauma, Skin conditions, masses, itching, allergies and infections. Place around collar or leash

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Essential Oils Vs Pharmaceuticals

Let’s start with some comparative data,

Pharmaceuticals consist of repeatable, predicted, measured and patented ingredients that are synthesized chemically or genetically. On the opposite, Oils provide natural organics with hundreds of constituents (ingredients) diversity-no two the same, and are non- patentable-cannot be owned or governed.

Effects and Consequences include Pharmaceuticals inhibition of natural function, adverse interactions, viral, disrupts intercellular communication, confuses cellar memory(DNA), blocks receptor sites, depresses the immune system, they are emotionally unbalancing with harmful side effects which lead toward dependence and chronic disease. As Oils restore natural function, have no adverse interactions, are considered antiviral, improves intercellular communication, corrects and restores cellar memory(DNA), cleans receptor sites, builds up the immune system, they are emotionally balancing with side effects that are beneficial which lead toward independence and wellness.

Philosophy behind the pharmaceuticals prescribed to us and our pets assumes our natural state is vulnerable and prone to illness, in which the body and mind need external assistance to heal: fragmenting and treating the body and mind as separate entities. Disarming the body’s natural defenses’ treating the gross systems and attacking the disease itself. Providing secular money and material motivated treatments.  Natural oils assumes wellness is our natural state is invulnerable to illness, where the body and mind are capable of self-healing: integrating and treating the body, mind and soul as one whole unit. Natural Oils treat internally at the cellular intelligence to build natural defenses’ and let the own body deal with the disease, dating back to theistic historical roots in religion when healers were considered priests.

Armed with this background knowledge we shall move onto Oils and treatments recommended for yourself and your pets.

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